4 Tips To Help You Get The Most Life Out Of Sports Turf With The Right Maintenance And Repairs When They Are Needed

If your sports field has artificial turf, this is a low-maintenance alternative to grass. Even though there may be less maintenance that needs to be done with sports turf, maintenance and repairs are going to be needed over the lifespan of the materials. The following maintenance and repair tips for sports turf will help you keep your fields in good shape:

1. Watering Your Sports Turf to Prevent Wear and Damage Due to Dry Fields

Just like real grass, it is important to water artificial turf. Sports turf materials will need to be regularly watered to reduce problems with excessive wear due to dry areas. This is something that needs to be done in the morning or evening hours the day before your field is going to be used. The same irrigation systems that are used with natural grass can be used for the watering needs of artificial turf.

2. Routinely Applying A Layer of Soil Substrate to Prevent Wear of Sports Field Turf

To reduce wear and keep your sports turf looking more like natural grass, you will want to regularly apply a layer of soil substrate. The layer of soil substrate helps to provide padding for players on sports turf, retains the moisture turf needs, and prevents excessive wear in high traffic areas of the field.

3. Preventing Wear and Fading with Routine Maintenance for Sports Turf Logos and Colors 

A lot of sports fields have turf that includes team colors, logos, and other design features. These are some areas where wear can be more notable. Therefore, you will want to keep up with the maintenance of the colored areas of your sports turf. This includes regular maintenance, as well as occasionally repairing worn colored areas.

4. Repairing the Areas of Sports Turf That Gets the Most Wear and May Get Damaged

There are also areas of your sports turf that will occasionally need to be repaired. These are usually the high traffic areas of fields. When the turf becomes excessively worn, torn, or has other visible damage to the surface, you will need to have repairs done before the damage gets worse. 

These are some of the things you need to know about the maintenance needs of sports turf to ensure your field stays in good shape. If you have a problem with damaged areas of your field, contact a sports turf repair service to keep it looking like new.

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