3 Reminders When Contracting With A Cleaning Company

Arranging for a cleaning company to handle janitorial duties in your office building is a necessary step in keeping the workplace healthy. Many cleaning companies offer various contract terms, perks, and options that allow you to customize the cleaning to your building specifically. Setting up the contract is easy, but you should be sure to go over a few extra issues to ensure that the cleaning will be true to your specifications.

Advance Notice for Special Event Cleanup

Most office building cleaning companies offer one-time cleanings, in addition to contracts. If you know you're going to need a one-time cleanup job due to something like a special event, ask the cleaning company how much notice they need. Some just need a couple of weeks' worth of notice, while others need more, especially for huge jobs where they may need to have all hands on deck. (Note that these arrangements are different from emergency one-time cleanups, where you may not get any notice yourself that you need to arrange for help.)

Renegotiation Opportunities

When you first set up the contract, you'll need to determine how often the cleaning company should come in. It may be easier to arrange a short-term contract first to see how your choices work out. If you want to set up a longer contract, find out what renegotiation opportunities are available if your cleaning needs suddenly change. You don't want to be stuck with having the company come in daily if you need to downsize suddenly, for example. Cleaning companies are aware that circumstances change, so you should have options.

Green Cleaning Options

Many cleaning companies offer green cleaning options that use eco-friendly cleaners and cleaners that give off little to no odor. It's actually in your best interest to try to arrange for green cleaning from the start as conditions like multiple chemical sensitivity can occur in someone without warning. Plus, reducing harsh chemical odors and using cleaners that are not as bad for the environment simply is better. Why would you want to release fumes into the air? Your building's occupants will be a lot happier if you can find a cleaning company that offers green options.

When you arrange to have the cleaners start working on your office building, you'll be able to go over all these options and create a contract that works for you. Take your time and remember that in the end, everything can be changed with notice.

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