Carpet Cleaning Tips For A Muddy Spring

Spring is here! While you are probably glad to see the sun and experience warmer weather, there is one thing you're not happy to deal with: the mud. Mud can be especially annoying when it makes its way inside and onto your carpets, which is really likely to happen when you have kids or pets. So how can you keep your carpet clean in the muddy spring season? Start by following these tips.

Keep rugs and mats by the door

No, your kids will probably not remember to use them every time, and mud might still manage to find its way inside in spite of having mats down. But adding another mat or a larger mat by the door will at least take care of some of the mud, which is better than nothing. Look for a mat with a rough, gripping texture that can really grab onto the mud and keep it from being tracked farther.

Let muddy spots dry before cleaning

When you see a muddy spot on the carpet, your first instinct may be to quickly scrub it out before it gets wet. But this is actually counter-intuitive. If you attack the muddy spot right now, you will grind the dirt further into the fibers, where it is harder to remove. It's best not to clean the carpet until the mud dries. Then, you can roughen the carpet up with a stiff brush to loosen the mud, and then vacuum most of it away. A little stain might remain, and you can address that with some carpet stain remover. Remember to blot, not rub, as you use the stain remover.

Schedule a carpet cleaning session towards the end of spring

When your carpet starts to look a little stained from all the mud, you might want to pick up the phone and call a cleaning service. See if you can delay just another week or two until the weather dries up. If you can manage to wait until the end of the spring, you'll ensure no new muddy stains are created once you do have the carpet cleaned. When the cleaner is out, ask them to put a stain protector on the carpet. Most protectors work for a year or more, so this should protect your carpet from muddy stains the following spring.

Spring can be hard on carpets, but with the tips above, you can keep yours looking great. To learn more about carpet cleaning, contact carpet cleaners in your area.

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