Home Water Damage & Restoration

A homeowner can do everything possible to prevent pipes from leaking and causing water damage in their house. However, there isn't much that can be done to prevent a severe storm from passing through that leaves a home soaked on the inside and the outside. Storms that bring such destruction can happen within a short period of time and leave a homeowner in a situation in which no preparations were done in advance. For example, due to the inside of the house being damaged from floodwater, a homeowner might not be able to live there until everything has been restored. The services of a water damage restoration company are what you need to ensure that your home is restored in a timely and thorough manner.

Getting an Inspection and Filing an Insurance Claim

An inspection of your home will be necessary for several reasons, including to give a restoration company an idea of how much water damage is present. The inspection is also when the company will determine how the restoration process should be done, such as the type of equipment to use and how many workers to assign to the task. Another important reason to get an inspection is so an insurance claim can be filed, which can potentially be done by the restoration company so you won't have to. A restoration company can fax an inspection report to your insurance provider and get the claim process started. Keep in mind that a claim can typically only be filed if you have flood coverage added to your general policy.

Quickly Getting Water Out of the House 

Nothing can be done to make your house habitable until the water has been removed. Fortunately, restoration companies can get rid of the water with speed so your house can be put in order as soon as possible. For example, the pumps used during the restoration process are powerful and able to soak up numerous gallons of water at a time. Water removal will usually be followed by a restoration company drying the house out, which can be done with commercial fans to speed things up.

Sanitizing and Cleaning the Affected Rooms

Sanitizing your house is important after water damage has occurred because you never know what type of germs and contaminants were in the water. Restoration companies can use cleaning products that are able to sanitize while cleaning various surfaces, such as tables and countertops. Carpet and furniture are often sanitized and cleaned by professionals during the restoration process as well.

To learn more, contact a water damage restoration company.

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