Should You Have Your Office Cleaned During The Day Or At Night?

Is there a right time of the day to have your office cleaned? The answer is, it depends. Whether or not you choose to have your office cleaned during the day or night should be dependent on several factors to ensure the choice you make is the right one for your business. 

1. Work Schedule

Consider what type of work schedule your office follows. For instance, is the office open for 9 hours during the day, or does it operate 24 hours a day? For the earlier schedule, it might be best to clean outside of work hours to minimize distractions to your employees, but for the latter schedule, any time of the day could work. 

2. Building Access

If you are in a leased or shared office space, you need to consider building access. For example, if your office suite is open from 9 to 6, but the building closes at 7, cleaning at the end of the workday would not leave the team much time to clean. If you have limited access to the building after hours, setting up cleaning services during the day would be best. 

3. Level of Cleaning

Just how much effort needs to be put into the cleaning process is also important. Typically, the greater the level of cleaning, the better it is to have the staff come in the evening hours. Consider a medical office, for instance. The office would need to be sanitized, bleached, and scrubbed daily, which would be hard to do when the office was still open. 

4. Size of Office

For a large office, it's sometimes best to schedule the cleaning services for the latter part of the workday. Attempting to clean a large multi-level building might be a challenge for some companies if you only provide them with a few hours at night to get the job done. If you schedule the services so that the staff arrives just before the end of the workday, they have more time to clean the building. 

5. Extra Costs

Sometimes, scheduling cleaning services at night can drive up your costs. Take electricity, for example. If the cleaning staff arrives during the day, the lights are already on. However, in the evening hours, the cleaning staff would need to turn the lights on so that they can perform their duties. As a result, your electrical usage would slightly increase. Cleaning during the day can sometimes offer cost savings.

Office janitorial services are available whenever you need them. Once you've determined the right schedule for your building, contact a service professional for further assistance.

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