Reasons You Should Clean Your Carpets Now And On A Regular Basis

The carpets in your home provide warmth and comfort and even help reduce echoes and excess noise. But carpets in your home can also contribute to your home in a negative manner, making your home smell bad, look dirty, and leave your family suffering with ill health. Here are some reasons that cleaning your carpets on a regular basis is beneficial to you and worth keeping up on.

Improve Your Family's Health

Does anyone in your family suffer from asthma or allergies that cause them to sneeze and cough? Allergens in your home that originate in your carpet are a big cause of allergies and asthma, especially in young children. And because your home's carpets are exposed to everything that gets tracked into your home, they collect these allergens and harmful toxins from outside that can contribute to your home's health problems. 

For example, if someone in your home walks through some ice melt chemicals outside during the day, when they return home and walk onto the carpet in your home it will leave particles of the chemicals in your carpets. Chemicals, such as ice melt, for example will accumulate along with dust, dirt, dust mites, and even bacteria. And even though you might vacuum your carpets religiously, it does not pull up all the contaminants that a good carpet cleaning and extraction can remove.

Keep Your Carpets Looking Their Best

One of the main reasons to have your carpets professionally cleaned is to keep them looking and feeling their cleanest. When your carpets get dirty from the foot traffic they receive each day, it will begin to show in your carpet. Your once-fluffy and new-looking carpet will begin to look dirty and matted.

The reason this occurs is because when dirt remains in your carpets, regular traffic will cause the dirt to scratch the surface of the carpet fibers, reducing their sheen and leaving them dull looking. This can make your carpet look dirty. Excessive dirt in your carpet will also make your carpet feel rough when you walk upon it and also feel flat even though the padding below it is still in good condition. Carpet cleaning will pull up these particles along with any stains that have settled in and clean the fibers and fluff up the pile to restore its appearance.

Clean Your Home's Air

Another important benefit that you might not even realize your home needs help with is its interior air smell. Your home can collect odors within the carpet from cooking, pets, and other activities. These smells will build up and make your home smell bad, even when you might not even notice it. Cleaning your carpets will remove the odors and make your home's air smell much better.

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