What Does Carpet Cleaning Actually Remove From Your Carpet?

When you think of having your carpet cleaned, you probably imagine a big machine coming in to remove dirt from within the fibers. It is true that carpet cleaning is a great way to remove that ground-in dirt that vacuum cleaners don't touch. However, there is a lot more than dirt being removed. Take a look at some of the other nasty things that carpet cleaning removes from your carpet.

Dust Mites

These tiny little bugs are everywhere! You can't see them without a microscope, but they are a significant component of the dust in any home. They feed on the dead skin cells that fall off your body. Dust mites can grow quite abundant in your carpet, and they are a common allergen, which means you're likely to become itchy and start sneezing when you have too many of them in your home. Carpet cleaning removes them, so you can lie on your carpet and walk across it without subsequently feeling unpleasant.

Mold Spores

All it takes is a small amount of mold growth in your home, and before you know it, mold spores are in the air and then settling into your carpet. Maybe you had some mold growing in the sink or in the shower. If the spores linger in your carpet, they can easily become re-suspended in the air when the heat from a register blows across the carpet. Then, if there are any wet surfaces in your home, the mold spores may settle on them and start more mold growth. Carpet cleaning will remove the mold spores, which should help protect your home against mold growth, going forward.


Bacteria are almost everywhere. You may introduce them to your carpet when you walk across it with dirty shoes or when you accidentally drop a piece of food. Pets can also introduce bacteria to carpets, and they then have the chance to replicate. If you touch the carpet and then touch an open wound or your face, you could end up with an infection. Carpet cleaning removes bacteria from the carpet so you don't have to be so worried if your little one drops their food on the carpet and then eats it.

Having your carpets cleaned does more than remove dirt. It also removes bacteria, dust mites, mold spores, and other small particles that may prove a nuisance over time. Contact a carpet cleaning company to learn more.

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