4 Tips To Assist In The Organization Of Your Closet

It is easy to stack things up in the closet and close the doors, but the next time you go to get something out of the closet you will be faced with that disorganization. Whether you have a disorganized closet that you need to get organized or you have recently had a custom closet built and you want to ensure it starts out completely organized and remains that way, here are a few tips that will help you get and keep an organized closet.

Group by Category

When you open up the doors to your closet, you should have no trouble finding what you are looking for with ease. Ultimately, the most effective way to ensure this is the case is to group like items together. For instance, your shoes should be placed together, pants should be placed in a specific area with sweaters in another, etc.

Label Everything

If you share a closet with another individual, there is always a chance that everyone will not be tidy at all times. To help ensure that the closet organizing system is as simplified as possible, you should label the shelves. One might be labeled winter accessories, another may be labeled boots, and another may be labeled blankets. Labeling can come in particularly helpful if you have a closet that is used by the entire family.

Make Use of Photos

If you have items that you don't need or use frequently, you may want to store them in boxes. However, while boxes are a great way to store these items, they make it a bit difficult to know exactly what is inside of them since they are not see-through. To combat this problem, you can either write on the outside of the box or print out a photo of each box's contents. The image can then be taped to the outside of the box so that you can easily spot what you are looking for.

Manage Accessories

More often than not, it is the tiniest of things that make a mess when they are tossed into a drawer or bin. Luckily, tangles can be prevented by inserting dividers into drawers, which will create compartmentalized spaces for your jewelry pieces. On the other hand, scarves and belts can be hung up on hooks or hangers.

If you need assistance getting your closet or other spaces in your home organized, reach out to a professional home organizer in your local area who can help. 

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