Protect Your Family: How To Keep Your Home Sanitized While On Self-Isolation

COVID-19 has everyone concerned about cleanliness. Even if you're on self-isolation, you still need to worry about the germs that could be hiding in your home. That's why it's so important that you take this time to give your home a deep cleaning. Here are some tips that will help you keep your home clean and sanitary during this pandemic.

Start With a Clean Surface

If it's been a while since your home had a deep cleaning, now's the time to take care of that. Many people use disinfectant wipes to sanitize their homes. If the surfaces are dirty, those wipes won't be nearly as effective as it should be. To make sure your home is as sanitary as possible, start with a deep cleaning. Fill a bucket with warm sudsy water, and wipe down all the surfaces in your home. Be sure to use a clean sponge or cloth for the process.

Move on to Disinfecting

Once you have all the surfaces in your home thoroughly cleaned, you'll be ready to disinfect. If you have disinfecting wipes, you can use those to rid your surfaces of harmful germs. You can also use a disinfecting cleaning solution for this portion of the project. If you've run out of store-bought disinfecting solutions, you can make your own. Fill a spray bottle with clean water and add about four teaspoons of liquid bleach. Spray the surfaces to be cleaned with the solution and use a clean cloth to wipe dry.

Focus on High-Traffic Areas

When it comes to keeping your home clean and sanitary while you're on self-isolation, you want to focus on the high-traffic areas. Those are the areas of your home that receive the most hand contact, such as doorknobs, tables, and counters. These areas also include things like game controls and microwave control panels. Use your disinfectant cleaner to wipe those areas several times a day.

Hire a Cleaning Service

If you live in an area that hasn't been hard hit by COVID-19, hire a cleaning service to give your home a deep cleaning. Your cleaning crew will practice safe space procedures while ridding your home of germs that can make you sick. If you're worried about bringing contagions into your home, hire cleaning services to come in after the threat is resolved. That way, they can give your home a deep cleaning to help you get things back to normal.


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