Cleaning Your Tile Roof Removes Years Of Grime Buildup And Makes It Look Fresh And New

Tile roofs last for many years, and during that time, pollution, dirt, algae, moss, and other debris can build up and stain the tiles. While these things may not harm the roof or shorten its life, they make your roof look unsightly, and that can make your property look neglected. A roof cleaning professional can clean all the dirt and stains from your roof and make it look fresh and new. Here are some things to know about washing your roof.

Let A Professional Do The Work

Cleaning a roof is dangerous because water and cleaning solutions make the roof slippery. Plus, it's easy to crack a tile roof if you step on it wrong. A roof cleaning company has the experience to do the job well, and they have safety equipment so they can work on the roof without being in danger.

Cleaning a roof also requires commercial washing equipment for the best results. With the right equipment, a roof cleaning company can clean your roof no matter how steep the pitch.

Low-Water Pressure Is Used

If you've seen roof cleaners in action before, you may think they're blasting off stains with a high-pressure washer. However, it's important to use low pressure on tile roofs. Some cleaners use a technique called soft washing that uses very low pressure and relies on cleaning products to break up dirt and stains.

When cleaning products are used, it's important to select products made for the type of tile your roof has. You don't have to worry about these details when you hire a roof cleaning company since they know what products and techniques to use for the stains on your roof.

Prepping Your Foundation Plants May Be Necessary

Before the cleaning company starts on your roof, ask if you need to protect your foundation plants from the water runoff. Spraying the plants with water and covering them with a tarp might be necessary, but if the cleaners use nontoxic cleaning solutions that contain no bleach, your plants may not be in danger of harm.

Washing your roof removes years of dirt buildup on the tiles. If your roof has visible dark stains or moss growth, the difference in the appearance of your roof will be quite noticeable when the cleaning is done. The tiles will appear shades lighter and they'll be free of any growth, twigs, and leaves.

You shouldn't need your roof cleaned very often, but when it's accumulated years of grime, cleaning is well worth it for the improved curb appeal it gives your home. Call a roof cleaning company today to learn more.

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