How to Ensure a Sanitary Office Space

When you run or manage a company, it's your responsibility to ensure that you are providing your employees with a safe environment for them to work in. While doing things like making sure the building and desks are safe in your business, you should also make sure that your employees aren't exposed to any unnecessary germs or bacteria. While you can encourage your employees to wash their hands on a regular basis, that's not going to disinfect surfaces. Luckily, when you have an office cleaning company, they can do all of this work for you. Talk to cleaning services about their cleaning products and what you need done. 

Ask About the Cleaner They Are Using

When it comes to cleaners, not all cleaners are created equal. You want to make sure that they are using cleaners that contain anti-bacterial ingredients in them for areas of your office like the break room, the restrooms, and around the drinking fountains. Ask your cleaners what products they use to clean these areas. If you have preferences on the cleaning products, consider buying them that product that you are safe with. 

Have Them Wipe Everything Down

If you are thinking about having cleaners are coming once a day to clean the office when everyone has gone home, they might only be doing simple tasks like vacuuming and taking out the trash. You may have to pay them more money to do some more work, but it might be beneficial to ask them to wipe everything down; especially hard surfaces. Places to have them focus on include areas like drinking fountains, break room countertops,  tables, common appliances that people use like coffee makers and copy machines, desks, and door knobs. 

Have Them Deep Clean Once a Week

The weekends are a perfect time for your office cleaners to come into your office and deep clean everything because most people should be off. During their deep cleanings, make sure that they are wiping down every surface and that they are doing things like mopping your floors and cleaning inside the elevators to get rid of germs. 

Flu season is here, which means that it's an especially important time for you and your cleaners to be vigilant about infecting all of the surfaces in your house or office. 

To learn more office cleaning and the benefits it can have for your business, contact professional services in your area. 

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