Signs Need A Mold Inspection In Your Home

Mold exists in around 70% of homes because all the pesky fungus needs to thrive is moisture. Mold lives in areas that are both visible and behind the scenes, like behind walls or in crawl spaces. If you have never had your home inspected for mold before or you've never had mold removal done on your home, then it's wise to have your home cleaning specialist inspect your property for mold.

While visible signs of mold are common reasons to tackle this potentially dangerous home issue, there are other signs you need to have your home inspected for mold as well. Don't wait until you actively see mold or mildew growing in your home before you take mold spores seriously, and never try to tackle your mold condition on your own. Here are signs you should have your home inspected for mold.

You've had a humid season

Mold thrives on humidity, so a particularly humid season without proper ventilation can make your home more susceptible to mold exposure. Have a mold inspection specialist check your bathroom, basement, attic, crawl spaces, and other areas where mold can be known to thrive. Mold removal can be done on-site or done after mold spores have been removed for testing. Different types of mold respond to different types of treatment.

You've had a baby

Bringing a new baby into the home means you have to be extra careful about the cleanliness of your property. You will not only want to clean all surfaces and do a deep clean on your carpet and furniture, but you can also use a mold inspection company to check for mold and perform mold removal as needed. Babies have susceptible immune systems and can become very ill if exposed to mold spores, so make sure your home is mold-free prior to bringing a new baby home.

Note: this same rule applies to the elderly as well. If you've recently begun caring for an older loved one, then follow the above recommendations for the same reasons as you would for a baby.

You've had a flood

If your home has recently flooded, even if the flooding was minor and cleanup didn't require home remediation, you should still have your property inspected for mold. Mold can grow anywhere there's a moist, warm, and humid area to thrive, which means it can grow behind walls, in and under carpeting, under sinks, and along baseboards. Your home's mold inspection specialist will find any existing mold in the home and remove it accordingly.

For more information, contact a mold removal service today.

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