Are You Worried About Coronavirus and Your Laundry? Reduce Your Anxiety with Dry Cleaning Services

There is no way to know for sure if you encounter the Coronavirus during your workday or while grocery shopping. Although no one is for sure about how long the virus might live on your clothing, there is a general understanding that it could be possible to transfer germs once you get to your home. Fortunately, the risk of getting sick from your clothing is probably low, but you can use these tips to take extreme precautions with your laundry as you plan for dry cleaning pick up services.

Change Clothing as Soon as You Get Home

One of the easiest things that you can do is simply change your clothing once you get home after being out in public. You can leave your shoes at the door, and change before you sit down on your furniture or hug your family members. Keep in mind that you'll want to be as gentle as possible with your clothing. Avoid shaking it out since this could potentially disperse the virus through the air. You can also keep clothing that may have been potentially exposed to the virus in a separate place from where you keep the rest of your clothing until it is picked up by the dry cleaning company.

Use a Disposable Liner or Washable Laundry Bag 

Most dry cleaning services offer you a special bag that you can use during the transfers. If the bag appears to be washable, then ask the cleaning company about the methods that they use to reduce the transfer of germs. Ideally, you should hear that they clean each bag after each pickup or drop off. This allows you to have a fresh and clean bag come back with the laundry that you can use for the next service. Washable bags also reduce the risk of your clothing coming into contact with someone else's germs. Disposable bags or liners are additional options that can further reduce the risk of spreading viruses through clothing.

Choose a Low-Contact Service

The world is changing, and you may need to limit your contact with other people as much as possible right now. You can make your dry cleaning pick up work much like any other contactless delivery by making arrangements online or on the phone. Once you set up your service, you can simply leave your soiled laundry at the door and wait for it to arrive cleaned and pressed without you ever having to make personal contact with the delivery person. For more information, contact dry cleaning pick up services.

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