Pressure Wash Away Flood Stains When Selling A Home

When selling a house, you want everything to look as nice as possible. "Everything" includes the interior and exterior. While some may put a lot of effort into improving interior looks, they neglect some aspects outside. The brick steps leading up to the house, for example, are hard to miss. Would-be buyers have to walk up those steps to reach your door. If the steps look filthy, a buyer could be completely put off. The same is true regarding the back entrance. Even if there's only one layer of bricks creating one step to reach the rear door, if the blocks look ugly, they won't impress. Sellers living in flood areas should take extra steps to restore the bricks' original appearance. Placing a call to a commercial pressure washing service may be necessary.

Dealing with Rising Water and Stained Bricks

People who live near the ocean sometimes deal with flooded streets. When a bad storm rolls in, the sewers can't take all the water, so it rises. A neighborhood could see upwards of three feet of water fill the streets. While the homes may be elevated, the steps go from the ground to the door. Brick steps find themselves submerged in muddy water and may become incredibly dirty. Pressure washing becomes a helpful solution to restore the bricks to their original sparkling color.

Understanding that Hand Cleaning Won't Cut It

Scrubbing the bricks with soap and water might be a noble effort, but it could also end up a futile one. Bricks repeatedly exposed to flood water or bricks never previously cleaned won't be easy to clean with a scrub brush. A lot of effort may go into arriving at only a mild improvement. The result won't likely be enough to impress potential buyers.

Renting the Pressure Washer

A home improvement shop could rent out a pressure washer. Renting the machine doesn't make someone experienced with using it. Inexperience could lead to only minor improvements and, possibly, uneven cleaning. Calling a professional service to perform the pressure washing duties might be a better idea.

Taking Things Further

Once the pressure washing technician arrives, he/she can go to work cleaning the bricks. Why stop at the bricks? A house raised on block walls might benefit from a cleaning along the sides. Even if the wall isn't too stained, there's little downside to making it look more beautiful. And how about pressure washing the driveway, also? Ultimately, you want the exterior to look as nice as possible when showing the property.

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