Tips For Keeping Your Roof Rain Gutters In Top Condition

The condition of your home's rain gutters will have a big impact on your home's protection from rain damage and also your basement and foundation from moisture leaks. Just as you need your home's interior plumbing and waste drainage to work properly, you also need to ensure your roof's drainage is working fully. Here are some recommendations to keep your rain gutters working as they should and in good repair all year long for your home's protection.

Clean Out Debris

One of the first things you need to do for your rain gutters' performance is to keep them cleared of leaves, twigs, dust, and dirt that can collect within them. As debris fills your gutters and is not cleaned out, your gutters will drain more slowly, causing more weight to pull your gutters down from their proper position.

As your gutters sag with the excess weight, they will eventually allow rainwater to drain over their edges and fall improperly to the soil and landscape below. If rain gutters drop moisture onto paved areas around your foundation, they can seep into your foundation and in winter can freeze on the pavement and become a safety hazard.

Keep your gutters cleaned throughout the year at least once or twice, depending on how quickly they fill with debris and how many trees in your area. You can use a gutter cleaning tool to scoop out or a pressure washer or garden hose to spray out the debris, or you can hire a professional gutter cleaning service to do the work for you. A professional gutter cleaning service is going to protect the integrity of your gutters by avoiding causing them damage. They will also be able to inspect your gutters for any damage and recommend a course of repair. 

Repair and Patch Damage

As a homeowner you are free to complete your own repairs to your gutters as they age, crack, and pull away from your roof's edge by their attachments. Patch any cracks or disconnected seams with some roofing cement and a patch made from the same material as your rain gutters. You may also choose to fill gaping seams with a silicone gutter caulk sealant, which you can squeeze along the length of a gap in your gutter's connection point seams.

Check Drainage

Also watch your rain gutters for any drainage problems, which can result from clogged connection pieces, drainage elbows, and downspouts. Watch to make sure your gutters are collecting water that drains down and through the rest of the drainage system. If you notice one area is not draining as it should, you can use a sewer auger to clear out sections of the downspouts and diverters or disconnect the connective areas to check and remove any blockages.

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