What To Expect When You Hire A Trauma Scene Cleanup Company

It is a tragedy when a family loses a beloved member due to a traumatic death in the home. In the event of a traumatic homicide or suicide, police detectives will come to investigate the scene, and the coroner will remove the body. However, these professionals do not clean up the scene. This is where the services of a trauma scene cleanup company are needed. Cleaning up a trauma scene is not something that an inexperienced person should attempt to do one their own-- it really needs to be done by pros who are highly experienced. Continue reading to learn more about how trauma scene cleanup works.

Protective Gear

When a traumatic death occurs, there is often blood, tissue, and other bodily fluids left at the scene. All of these things are considered to be biohazards, so precautions need to be taken before the cleaning can begin. Technicians from a trauma scene cleanup company will wear a non-porous full body suit, a respirator, gloves, and boots when working on a trauma scene cleanup. While relatives of the deceased rarely stay to watch the trauma scene cleanup, if you happen to see the technicians in all of their personal protective gear, do not be alarmed, as wearing it is standard in the industry.

Initial Assessment

Cleaning up a trauma scene is much different than simply being hired to clean a house. When technicians from a trauma scene cleanup company arrive, they will need to carefully assess the area to determine what type of cleaning and disinfecting is needed. The goal of a trauma scene cleanup company is to remove all blood, tissue, and other bodily fluids from the home, so they are very thorough in their assessment in order to ensure that they do not miss anything.

Disinfecting and Restoration

Trauma scene cleanup can take quite a while, especially if there is a lot of blood or other fluids. Furniture that is soaked with blood or other fluids may need to be removed, and sections of carpeting may need to be ripped out so blood can be removed from the subfloor. If the deceased was not discovered right away, the scene may have foul odors due to body decomposition-- a trauma scene cleanup company uses special air filters to sanitize the air and remove bad smells. Before the cleaning ends, everything is thoroughly disinfected with hospital-grade sanitizing and cleaning products to ensure that the area is completely safe and doesn't pose any hazards. 

If you need trauma scene cleanup, don't attempt it on your own. Call a local professional. 

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