Keeping Employees Safe When Returning To Work Following The Pandemic

Months into the COVID-19 pandemic, people are starting to return to work. However, as the lockdown begins to lift, measures must be taken to prevent the spread of illness. Many do not understand that COVID-19 is a more aggressive infection than other coronavirus family members. Therefore, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has created cleaning recommendations. There are several ways to create a safer work environment, but the most effective way is through detailed cleaning.

Daily Cleaning

Throughout the day, you will want to have cleaning wipes available for people to wipe down areas they touch often. This includes keyboards, phones, and light switches. The end of every day should include office cleaning using a professional cleaning service. Commercial products are strong disinfectants but often require certification for possession. Businesses can help employees by placing cleaning stations throughout the office equipped with gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer. Bathrooms should have signs instructing employees on proper handwashing techniques. Finally, when commercial cleaning companies come in, inform them of areas you want extra attention paid to and if any employee has gone home ill.

Air Cleaning

In addition to surface cleaning, you will want to make sure the air is cleaned. Pathogens can travel through the air ducts and become stuck on the dirt on vents. Having a cleaning company remove the dust off the vents is only the beginning of maintaining high air quality in the office. Filters and air cleaners are a great addition to cleaning regimens in place. The cleaners remove harmful particles in the air, continually disinfecting. Finally, businesses should hire HVAC companies to clean air ducts and ventilation systems. When you work with a professional company, they will help you create a cleaning schedule that will keep your employees safe.

Before you consider having people return to your office environment, it is wise to sit down and consider every area that people will touch. It is important to keep everyone safe, but you do not want to lose productivity because you are focused on cleaning. Allowing commercial cleaning services that specialize in sanitizing office spaces will give you the ability to continue with running your company. On a final note, communicate with your employees to know when to stay home, maintain a social distance from others, and allow for continued remote work if desired. The changes that have come with the pandemic bring fear. With open communication on measures being taken, you can help everyone feel a little safer.

If you need more tips, reach out to a local office cleaning service.

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