Having Your Home's Hunter Douglas Silhouette Professionally Cleaned

The coverings on your windows can get dirty quickly. They can attract dust and pet dander. Within a matter of months after hanging them, they can take on a graying or yellowed appearance. However, when your coverings are made out of honeycomb or pleated fabric, you cannot simply take them down and hose them off as you would blinds that are made out of wood or vinyl. Instead, you can protect their appearance and usefulness by hiring a professional service to clean your Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades.

Protecting the Color

Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades come in customized colors that let you complement or match the exact interior decorating scheme that you use in your home. You want their colors to last for as long as possible and remain an asset to the look and comfort of the rooms in which they are installed.

To ensure that they retain their colors fully, you need to have them professionally cleaned. The cleaning service takes extra measures to avoid bleaching the colors in your Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades. It also ensures that the colors in the shades do not run or fade as a result of the cleaning measures used on them.

Maintaining the Pleats

The cleaning service that you hire to clean your Hunter Douglas Silhouette window coverings will also ensure that they do not lose their pleats. The pleats or honeycomb folds in the shades lend to their overall appeal. You want those folds and pleats to remain tight and crisp so the shades do not lose their appearance.

The cleaning company will work carefully around the texture and shape of your coverings. The cleaners will take care to avoid unraveling the stitching in the shades or ironing out the honeycomb effect in them. 

Maintaining Durability

Finally, the cleaning service that you hire will ensure that your Hunter Douglas Silhouette window coverings remain as durable as they were when you first hung them. They will continue to absorb the high traffic in the rooms where they are hung. They also will tolerate wear and tear without wearing out before the end of their warranties.

Professional cleaning services can remove dirt and dust from your Hunter Douglas Silhouette window coverings. The cleaning service that you hire can protect the color of these shades. It also will maintain the shades' folds and pleats and make sure that your window coverings keep their durability.

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