3 Reasons to Use a Manway Cannon to Clean Industrial Tanks

Industrial tanks, such as oil, fuel, and slurry containers, need regular maintenance. Over time, sludge and deposits build up in these tanks. They reduce capacity and, in some cases, prevent tanks from working correctly. If your tanks need cleaning, then a manway water cannon is a good solution to consider. These machines use high-pressure water jets to liquefy sludge and deposits off a tank's interior surface and remove them.

What are the benefits of using a manway water cannon over other cleaning methods?

1. Get a Faster and Effective Clean

If you usually clean your tanks manually, then this can be a long and messy job. You have to shut down the tank and open it up to give access to cleaning personnel. Even if you use an automated system, your tanks might not be completely clean at the end of the process. If you can't direct the water cannon precisely, then you might miss areas of sludge and residue.

A manway cannon is a more effective solution, especially if you use one with a built-in camera. The cannon works remotely from outside the tank, so nobody has to work inside it. The camera system shows you the tank's interior. You can direct the jet all over the tank to clean off everything. You get a faster and more effective clean with less downtime.

2. Get a Safer Clean

If you clean a tank manually, then your cleaning crew will need to wear protective gear on the job. They need to avoid contact with hazardous substances and fumes. Plus, you might have to find a way to manage vapors that are released during the cleaning process. You might need to use vapor recovery machines to contain these fumes and prevent them from leaking into the environment around the tank.

If you use a manway cannon, then you get a more remote and automated cleaning process. You don't need to send a crew into the tank, so your workers can stay safe. You don't need to open the tank to work in it, so vapors can't escape as easily.

3. Manage Removed Sludge

Getting sludge out of your tanks is one problem. You then have to find a way to deal with the sludge. If you're dealing with toxic fuels or chemical waste, then this can be a complicated process. You might need to process the sludge to make it easier to dispose of safely. You might even need to use separate pieces of equipment. However, you can buy manway cannons that also process and separate waste through desorption, filtering, pressing, or centrifugal systems.

To find the right solution for your tanks, ask manway water cannon suppliers for advice.

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