5 Benefits Of Hiring An Overnight Janitorial Service

Most business owners know that a cleaning service is a must-have investment. When choosing a janitorial service, don't overlook overnight options. An overnight service can provide a lot of benefits compared to one that comes in during your normal business hours.

1. Less Intrusive

Cleaning can be intrusive when customers are in the building and staff is trying to work. The noises of vacuums and cleaning equipment can interfere with conversations and phone calls, and cleaning around occupied desks can be difficult to do without disturbing normal business operations. Although most janitors are trained to be as unobtrusive as possible, they cannot work as though they are invisible. Overnight cleaning is done when the building is empty or nearly empty, so it isn't intrusive at all.

2. Increased Thoroughness

It's easier to do a thorough job when the building is empty. Your janitorial service can move through the building in a regimented manner, making sure nothing is missed. There is no worry about accidentally missing an office or sector of the building because it was in use when the janitor first passed through. They have all night to make sure everything is cleaned to the highest level.

3. Specialty Options

Specialty cleaning encompasses anything beyond basic dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and glass cleaning. This may include periodic stripping and waxing of floors, carpet shampooing, or building disinfecting. These types of services are difficult to do when the business is open and full of staff and customers but can be performed thoroughly and quickly in an empty building after hours. 

4. Safer Conditions

There are hazards with cleaning a building while staff and clients are on-site, as the ubiquitous "wet floor" signs in use illustrate. Slipping on recently mopped tile, tripping over vacuum cords, and inhaling the fumes of cleaning chemicals used nearby can all impact building safety. Scheduling cleaning overnight in an empty building greatly reduces safety and liability risks.

5. Better Atmosphere

One thing you shouldn't overlook is the effect on staff and customers when they enter a clean-looking and smelling building in the morning. It can help improve company morale and increase the chances of a favorable impression on your clientele. Entering a cleaned building is much less stressful and much more welcoming compared to entering a building that feels dirty or seems slightly chaotic because janitors are trying to clean around staff and clients.

Contact a janitorial service to learn more about overnight cleaning options for your business, like Enviro USA.

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