3 Causes Of Recurring Carpet Stains Or Odors And Reasons To Choose Professional Carpet Cleaners

Keeping your home clean is a top priority for you as a homeowner. Therefore, you will try to maintain all areas and pieces of furniture in your house. But sometimes, you may try all methods you know to remove carpet stains, from chemical cleaning to steaming, only for the stain to reappear. This stain may come back immediately after your carpet dries or after some weeks.

If you are dealing with stubborn stains or lingering odors on your carpet, it is best to hire professional carpet cleaners. Read on to discover the reasons you may be experiencing such issues.

1. Leftover Sticky Residue from Cleaning

Sometimes when a stain reappears, it may be reforming from a residue left after cleaning your carpet. When you choose to clean the carpet yourself, your first solution will be to use carpet cleaning chemicals found at the store. The problem with such cleaning solutions is that they contain a lot of soap and chemical substances.

Unfortunately, depositing a lot of soap on your carpet and failing to rinse it well leaves an oily film on the carpet fibers. This film will then attract dirt to it, creating a new stain. For this reason, it is best to hire professionals using modern carpet cleaning methods to lift stains without leaving residues.

2. Repeated Pet Urination on the Same Spot

When you bring in a new pet to your house, it may take some time to train them where they should do their business. However, your pet may urinate on the carpet in the meantime, leaving a lingering odor. When this urine dries up, it leaves odor crystals inside the carpet's backing and padding. Although using home chemical cleaners might get rid of the odor, they don't eliminate the odor crystals in the fibers. So, your pet will keep going back to the same spot. However, professional carpet cleaning will eliminate the odor crystals, leaving your house smelling fresh.

3. Wicking Caused By Excessive Moisture

Although stains disappear on the carpet's surface when you clean it, sometimes the dirt particles and moisture remain trapped in the padding below. This issue mainly arises when you use inappropriate carpet cleaning solutions and approaches. So, if you don't get rid of all the accumulated moisture, the stains remain and will wick up once the carpet dries.

The best way to ensure your carpet remains odor and stain-free is by hiring professionals to clean it. Expert carpet cleaners don't use the traditional cleaning methods and have the right tools to get rid of smells and odors even in your carpet's backing. As a result, your carpet will smell and look clean. 

Contact carpet cleaners near you for more information. 

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