The Effects Of Water Damage When You Delay Restoration Efforts

Time is a crucial factor when you are battling water damage. The quicker you respond to water damage, the higher the chances of getting your home restored successfully. With a busy schedule and financial restrictions, you may be tempted to postpone restoration or neglect it. This article will highlight the effects of water damage as time elapses. After reading it, you will understand why timely restoration services are crucial.

1. First 24 Hours

The first 24 hours after water affects your home are quite important in the restoration journey. Water can damage your floor, paints, and furniture and soak your books and documents during this period. It can also cause your window frames and wooden doors to swell. If the damage is due to a roof leak, ceiling, walls, and insulation damage may be inevitable. Unfortunately, mold spores may settle and start to grow in your house. If you leave water damage unattended, you might have to pay more money to fix the damage. You need restoration specialists immediately to eliminate the water, dry, and dehumidify your home.

2. 48 Hours

If 24 hours have elapsed, and you are still yet to hire restoration specialists, the air in your home will start to change. Water can hold air humidity, causing extensive damage to wooden doors, beams, floors, and windows. You cannot afford to overlook water damage restoration after 48 hours. By now, mold may have started spreading to different parts of your property. You should call the specialists at all costs.

3. After a Week

One week after the damage, your wooden floor and beam will be vulnerable. And most likely, moisture will have seeped in between crevices and gaps that are hard to reach. You may also note rust on the metals in your home. Do not wait any longer for water damage services. The wait will intensify the damage, which means more repair costs.

4. A Few Weeks to a Month Later

By now, the damage is quite evident. You may note a musty smell which is typically associated with mold infestation. And some of your family members may start complaining of respiratory disorders due to mold spores. Water will have tampered with the structural integrity of your beam support and walls, and your home could collapse without notice. A house collapsing may have many undesirable effects, from health issues to extensive property damage. For this reason, you need to seek water damage restoration services before the damage progress and makes your home a safety hazard.

Are you looking at pipe leaks, sewer backup, or floods in your home? If yes, you need to seek water restoration services without delays. This is the only way to keep costly repairs, mold-related infections, and other water damage risks at bay to ensure your family is safe.

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