Steps For Keeping Your Home's Carpet Clean

Carpets are an extremely common flooring material for residential and commercial properties. Keeping the carpet clean can be a challenge that will require regular work, but these floors will have their own requirements to effectively remove dirt and grime from the fibers.

Carpet Powders Can Accumulate Deep In The Fibers

Odors can be a common problem for carpets, and it is common for individuals to use carpet powders that can add a fresh scent or that may neutralize foul odors. While these powders can be an effective tool for odor reduction and mitigation, they can start to accumulate deep in the fibers. Thoroughly vacuuming shortly after using these powders can mitigate this, but it will not fully eliminate this tendency. Shampooing the carpets at regular intervals can be an option that will help to loosen and flush out the powder that may be accumulating in these areas of the carpet.

Proper Carpet Cleaning Will Not Cause Significant Color Fading

Comprehensive shampooing and steam cleaning of the carpet can be necessary steps if you are to keep the carpet looking and smelling good. However, you may have worries that these processes will result in the carpet fibers losing much of their color. In reality, professional carpet cleaning services are capable of performing this work on the carpets without causing substantial harm to their colors or the condition of the fibers. A carpet cleaning service has equipment and cleaning products that are specifically formulated to effectively clean and sanitize carpets without degrading them. As a result, regular carpet cleanings can actually preserve the appearance of your carpet by limiting the opportunity for staining and other wear to occur due to the substances that are lodged in the fibers.

Recently Cleaned Carpets May Benefit From The Use Of Fabric Guards

After you have your carpets cleaned, you may be able to prolong the results by applying a fabric guard to the carpets. These products can make it much harder for pigments and fluid to soak into the fibers. Ideally, they should be applied after the carpets have been shampooed and allowed to fully dry. This will ensure that the fabric guards have a solid bond with the fibers as this will increase the effectiveness and the length of this protection. Some carpet cleaning contractors may be able to apply these coatings for you, but this is also a relatively simple task that many homeowners will be able to easily complete on their own. 

For more information, contact a carpet cleaning service in your area.

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