Is There A Better Way To Clean Pool Tile?

If the tile around your pool won't stay clean, even after you scrub it with a brush, it's time to call a cleaning service for help. Pool tile can quickly build up with calcium and other minerals. If you don't clean your tile properly, it may only get worse. Learn how to clean your pool tile below.

What's the Purpose of Pool Tile?

Many inground pools feature tile around the perimeter. Although tile makes your pool look attractive during the year, tile also protects your pool's water line from stains. However, calcium and other minerals can make your pool tile look unsightly over time. 

Calcium is an abundant mineral found in almost every body of water, including the water you use to fill your pool. The right amount of calcium helps protect your pool's concrete and other materials from breaking down in the water. But too much calcium can actually damage your pool. High levels of calcium can make your pool's water too hard.

The hard water can leave thick calcium deposits and stains on the surfaces of your pool tile. Once calcium hardens on pool tile, it can be very difficult to remove. You can spend a great deal of your day trying to remove the calcium deposits and stains from your pool tile, or you can have a cleaning service do it for you. 

What's the Best Way to Clean Pool Tile?

A cleaning service or pool contractor may use a pressure washer to remove the calcium from your pool tile. A pressure washer comes with features that allow it to blast away hard deposits and stains without damaging the pool's surface. The equipment cleans surfaces with the power of water. When used on a regular basis, a pressure washer can keep your pool tile free of hard water minerals throughout the year.

A contractor may also clean your pool tile with special cleansers. The cleansers contain properties that break down tough debris like calcium. A contractor may or may not need to clean your pool with their products regularly to keep it free of calcium buildup.

If your pool's water continues to build up with calcium or any other mineral, a contractor may recommend you invest in mineral-dissolving treatments soon. The treatments help regulate the mineral content in pool water throughout the year.

Learn how to clean your pool tile properly by contacting a cleaning company, such as Vistancia Premier Pool Tile Cleaning, for services today. 

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