Soaking And Encapsulation — Targeted Treatments For High End Rugs

Dirty Oriental rugs harbor germs. A soaking process or an encapsulation process can be used to sanitize high-end rug products and restore each floor covering.

A Soaking Process

Steam cleaning utilizes pressurized water that has been heated. The steam cleaning process will dissolve dirt and soften woven or knotted strands that comprise a rug or carpet that is constructed of synthetic materials. Many high-quality rugs, including Oriental ones, contain natural fibers that are hand-knotted. A professional cleaning crew will typically avoid using a steam cleaning process to treat a high-end rug. This is due to the possibility of ruining the strands during the application of steamy water and detergent.

Instead, a rug professional will need to assess a rug and formulate a targeted cleaning process that won't ruin the materials that comprise a rug. A soaking process is often used to clean quality rugs. This process involves submerging a rug in a basin that contains cool water and detergent.

During the cleaning process, the detergent will penetrate each rug strand. The backing of a rug and the rug pile will be sanitized during the cleaning process. A professional cleaner may use some hand-cleaning tools to remove encrusted dirt. Once a rug has been rinsed, it will be laid out to dry.

An Encapsulation Process

Encapsulation is a modern cleaning process. The rug materials that comprise a floor covering will need to be inspected first. Encapsulation does not utilize much water. Specialized detergents are used to create a foam product. The foam consists of detergent additives and a small amount of water. The foam is used to treat soiled rug strands. Once the foam settles on the fibers, it will begin to dry. The foam will lift dirty substances from the fibers. 

A cleaning team may use encapsulation to spot-treat various parts of a floor covering. The detergents that are used to create foam are not harmful to the environment. An encapsulation cleaning process typically results in less residue being left on a rug than if a steam cleaning process is used to clean a floor covering.

Once the foam has turned into a dry powder, a cleaning technician will use a scrub brush and a vacuum to further loosen dirt and collect all of the residues that are on the rug. An encapsulation process will only require a short amount of time for woven or knotted fibers to dry.

Reach out to a professional rug cleaning company to learn more.

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