How Tile And Grout Cleaning Services Clean Different Types Of Tile

Most homes and offices have tile floors because tile and grouts are easier to clean and maintain than other floor surfaces. Keeping your tile and grouts clean is the best way to improve their appearance and lifespan. However, different types of tiles have different cleaning requirements.

Tile cleaning experts understand how to clean different textured tiles. Call the experts if you notice stains on your tile. Here's how tile and grout cleaning services work on different types of tiles.

Stone Tiles

Natural stone tile looks beautiful on any floor, improving your office or home aesthetics. However, due to the porous nature of the tiles, you need to clean them regularly with suitable cleaning agents.

Although stone tiles appear hard on the surface, they can weaken if you use acidic cleaning solutions that strip the sealant layer. Therefore, always use pH-neutral cleaning solutions to maintain your tiles' shine and increase their longevity.

Always use brushes with soft bristles and cleaning pads so you don't etch the stone tile and grouts. Use a clean cloth to dry the tile and grouts and leave them sparkling.

If you clean your tile and grouts frequently, you can keep them well-maintained. However, over time, you'll need a tile cleaning expert to remove stubborn stains on the tile and grouts, especially if the tiles are in a frequently used space such as the kitchen.

Porcelain Tile and Grouts

If you have a porcelain tile floor, you know how easy it is to clean. You only need water, a soap mixture, and a dry mop to leave your tile and grouts sparkling.

However, if your tile and grouts are in a high-traffic space, they'll gather dirt in hard-to-reach corners. You'll need professional tile cleaning service providers to clean your floors thoroughly.

The cleaners will vacuum your tile and grouts with high-grade vacuum cleaners to remove all the dirt particles stuck between the tile and grouts. They then use cleaning solutions and soft brushes to scrub your tiles. The result will be squeaky-clean tile and grouts and a floor that looks almost new.

The trick to sparkling textured tile and grouts is to allow the cleaning solution to seep in for a few minutes before scrubbing them. The cleaners will wash off the dirt with a soft bristle brush and rinse the tile and grouts with clean water.

Non-Slip Tile and Grouts

Like textured porcelain tiles, non-slip tiles also require more care and attention when you clean them. The non-slip feature means the tiles aren't entirely smooth and can hold more dirt. You may think a strong industrial cleaning detergent would do the job better, but professional tile and grout cleaners would dispute that.

The cleaners use vacuum cleaners to draw dust and dampen the floors with water. They then use pH-neutral cleaning detergents without chemicals like bleach to scrub the dirt away. For more information on tile and grout cleaning, contact a professional near you.

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