How To Restore Your Basement After A Major Flood

No matter the cause, if the result is a wet basement with standing water and extensive damage, getting the basement dry again is a priority. Here are some tips on restoring your basement back to normal after a major flood or water leak. 

Stop The Water Flow

One of the first things to do after your notice a flood is to stop the water from seeping in. Whether it is from a broken pipe or a faulty sump pump, blocking more water from entering your home is an urgent issue. If you know how to stop it yourself, do so safely. If you have city water, locate the water shut-off valve and turn the water flow valve to the off position. If you are unsure, call a plumber immediately to come out and stop the water flow. 

While an emergency plumbing call may be a high-cost visit initially, it is worth it in the long run. This may be a good time to also contact a residential water damage restoration specialist. They can attack urgent issues right away. This includes extracting any standing water and adding fans to help the basement dry faster. 

Remove Water Damaged Material

Once the water problem is resolved and the pooling water has dried up, it's time to discard water-logged items. This may include flooring or carpeting that is wet or saturated. It's important to remove these items from the home right away. This will help reduce the chances of bacteria and mold growth. 

A water damage restoration company can help with identifying underlying issues that may have gone undetected. This could include structural drying and any sewage cleanup if necessary. They may use thermal imaging to detect any water-logged areas that may not appear on the surface. A dehumidifier may also be used to help dry out damp areas as well. 

Improve Air Quality

A water damage recovery company may also use various methods of carpet and floor cleaning to disinfect and deodorize any wet areas. Antimicrobial sprays are helpful in cleaning up wet areas that are prone to bacteria and germs. It also helps trap toxins and reduce musty odors. A clean air purifier may also be placed in the basement to keep the air smelling fresh. Circulating the air around the clock can prevent the space from becoming a stagnant environment. The goal is to make sure that the overall air quality improves. 

If you have had a flood in your basement, there is no need to fret. There is a solution. Call a water damage restoration company to learn more. 

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